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I started making acrylic grips for my bikes about 7 years ago.  Since then, a few manufacturers have sprung up but there has yet to be a grip on the market that isn't a simple cylinder.  These grips change that.  Introducing the CTNEWMAN ENGINEERING ACRYLIC CONTOUR GRIPS.

Made from individual batches of acrylic resin these stylish grips will set your bike apart from the rest.  Available in a wide variety of colors.  The overal length is 4-9/16, the inside length is 4.375.  Oustide diameter is 1-7/16 for a good grip without feeling "too large".

Available in sets with one 1" left grip and one 1-1/8" right grip.  Extra left grips available for certain colors. (A GOOD IDEA IF YOU EVER WANT TO CHANGE BARS)

(example: 7/8 bars, Set of two 1" grips, special color requests, etc)

Some important things to note:

These are made from small batches of hand poured material.  There may be VERY slight imperfections present.

These grips glue on, I recommend Loctite Epoxy Plastic Bonder, but almost any 2 part epoxy will work. If installing on an internal throttle, be sure your mechanism is funtioning properly, because you won't be able to make changes once the grip is installed.

Acrylic is a semi-fragile material, HANDLE WITH CARE. Once glued to bars they will be durable and resistant to cracking, but if you drop your bike, they will break.  If you drop a grip on the floor, it will break.  If you slide the grip onto your bar hard, the end of the grip can break.

These grips are polished and smooth.  They will be slipperier than a rubber or knurled grip.


  1. Clean grip and bars/throttle tube with rubbing alcohol
  2. Rough up bars/throttle tube with 120 grit (or greater) sandpaper
  3. Verify the grip fits the throttle tube as desired and trim as needed
  4. Repeat step 3.  Assemble everything.  Double check.  Once the epoxy sets up there is no turning back. See note below for internal throttles.
  5. Apply a bead of epoxy around the inside of the grip, about 1/4" from the end.  A 3/16" bead will generally be sufficient
  6. Slowly slide the grip onto the bars or throttle tube, while twisting the grip
  7. Use blue masking tape to tape in place. Let cure 24 hours

    NOTE: for internal throttles you may need to adjust the depth of your epoxy bead to ensure no epoxy is on the portion of the grip that hangs over the bars.  Verify your throttle works correctly before gluing.